25 March 2015

Cheeky Illustrations Show The ‘Best’ Sex Position For Your Star Sign (NSFW)

Pisces, “Spooning nice and slow, with your bodies pressed up against each other will only bring you closer together.”

If you have the habit of reading the horoscope section for advice about life and career, you may be interested in how astrologer Zoe Moon has came up with a guide on the best sex position for your sign.

The positions are based on the different personality of each horoscope and the positions that would best suit their character.

For instance, a Gemini may be flirty, yet she delights in unexpected dominance over her to show who is in charge, which is why Zoe Moon suggests trying out role-play.

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Aries, “Girl on top is a great way to start; then switch gears and have him playfully tie u up.”

Taurus, “slow, long oral exchanges, massages, and the goddess treatment.”

Gemini, “Try a little role-play: Maybe you want to be a naughty schoolgirl and get a little doggie style over a desk?”

Libra, “What better way for the night to come together than you two coming together with a session of 69?”

[via Cosmopolitan]