26 March 2015

Chocolate Bars Wrapped In Maps Help New Yorkers Learn About Their Boroughs

This chocolate packaging helps New Yorkers get to know their metro backyard a little better.

The project called ‘Five Boros Chocolate’ is by Pratt Institute student Nel Sparkman and wraps high quality chocolate in pretty screen printed maps of the five different boroughs—Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island.

The maps are two color screen printed, which are accordion folded and wrapped around the chocolate bar. Each chocolate bar features a different map. For example, Dark Chocolate Crunch comes with a map of Brooklyn, encouraging New Yorkers to learn more and explore the many neighborhoods that are just a train or ferry ride away.

The potential of expanding this idea to different metropolitan areas in the country are great, but there's no word on where we can buy these chocolate bars. Find out more on this website.

[via PSFK, Images via Nel Sparkman]