25 March 2015

Clever Sidewalk Artworks That Can Only Be Seen On Rainy Days

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Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church has been working on a interactive project that had him creating fascinating water-activated artworks all over the sidewalks in his neighborhood.

Similar to the spray-painted artworks that we featured previously, Church’s ‘Rainworks’ project features uplifting quotes and water-themed artworks that will only appear on rainy days or when the sidewalks are wet.

Each stencil installation is created with a biodegradable superhydrophobic coating, and can last from four months to a year.

Church said that he started the fun project “to give people a reason to look forward to rainy days” in Seattle.

Scroll down to view a selection of water-activated artworks created by Church and his team, or visit his page to read more about his project.

[via Laughing Squid, images via Rainworks]