25 March 2015

Intriguing Artworks Featuring Logos Of Chanel, McDonald's, Famous Brands

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A new exhibition at Gallery nine5 in New York City will take a deeper look at the current culture of iconic brand imagery and the pervasive nature of logos.

The group show titled “Brand Loyalty: I’m Lovin’ It” is guest curated by Natalie Kates and will feature works by Alben, Chad Gordon, Desire Obtain Cherish and other artists.

Famous icons of brands like McDonald's and Yves Saint Laurent are playfully and intentionally incorporated into various sculptures or canvases, with the aim of challenging viewers to think about the nature of these brand icons and logos and how they are perpetuated in our culture today by media and corporations.

Watch the video below to find out more about the exhibition.

Brand Loyalty; i'm lovin' it from gallery nine5 on Vimeo.

[via Inspiration Grid, Gallery nine5]