18 March 2015

Cute Daily Illustration Project Shows The Everyday Lives Of Pokémon Characters

Illustrator Heather Christianson embarked on a creative project last November, where she would draw one of the 151 Pokémon characters every day.

According to Christianson, this project is “sort of a test” for her, to make sure that she draws something each day—while she does not usually make fan art, she thought that this would be an “awesome challenge” that would allow her to interpret the original designs and put her own mark on them.

Her adorable drawings imagine what the popular cartoon characters would do in their everyday lives—for instance, Pikachu is seen snacking on a slice of pizza while Jynx relaxes by playing a video game.

Keep up with the illustrator’s cute project on her Instagram account—has she already featured your favorite Pokémon character?

[via Buzzfeed, images via Heather Christianson]