25 March 2015

Cute Interactive Little Robots Designed To Help You Form Any Habit

This new device is based on the theory that it helps to feel an emotional connection to your technology in order to form a new habit. According to Kayla Matheus, founder of MOTI, data from wearable technologies like fitness trackers are not enough.

The cute little robot helps track behavior over time, but is also a robotic friend that emits a series of happy sounds and lights when you push a button to celebrate the completion of a task. With two guys in their twenties and thirties as her first testers, Matheus observed the emotional engagement when they called their robots a he or a she.

Part of Google's 30 Weeks program, the device is a physical, constant reminder of the habit users are working towards, unlike apps that are easily ignored or deleted. It also helps that this symbolic manifestation of your goal happens to be cute.

Fitness trackers and apps work well once a habit is established, so this new device fills the missing gap of motivation and is able to connect with other wearables to track data over time. MOTI evolves, learning what is normal for you and prompting you with a reminder by getting sad or angry.

Visit their website to find out more.

[via Fast Company]