27 March 2015

Cute Robot Owl Tracks Items In Real Time, Ensures You Don't Lose Anything

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We previously wrote about the smart wallet that is impossible to lose. This new robotic device helps you keep track of all your valuables in real time.

Shaped like a cute owl with a customisable appearance, ‘Keepbo’ is an anti-loss wireless button that allows users to track, locate and receive alerts about their items in real time through their smartphone.

Produced by South Korean company G&ST, ‘Keepbo’ even alerts users if their smartphone is separated from an item beyond a preset distance. Its Crowd GPS feature connects to other ‘Keepbo’-enabled smartphones, which help users locate their missing valuables if a signal is lost.

‘Keepbo’ also boasts several different functions based on how users press the one physical button. It can activate your camera, switch on your music, launch a navigation app and be used as an emergency button, which instantly calls or texts a preset phone number for help in emergency situations.

Watch the video below and find out more about the device on their Indiegogo campaign page.

[via PSFK, images via Keepbo]