16 March 2015

Dove’s Thought-Provoking Ad Reveals How Women Really Feel About Their Bodies

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After encouraging women to stop posting negative comments about beauty and body image on social media, Dove returns with its latest thought-provoking ad that reveals how women really feel about their bodies.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Paris for the French market, the spot features two women in a café, with one loudly criticizing the other woman’s appearance, horrifying other female patrons around them.

However, it turns out the act was scripted—the remarks spouted were gathered from women scouted on the streets who wrote down their thoughts about their bodies, with the most negative ones making the cut.

They were then recited by two actresses within earshot of the same unsuspecting participants who had written them down.

Though it seems staged, the ad shows how women are often their harshest critic when it comes to their own bodies.

It aired on French television over International Women’s Day weekend, and is supported by the ‘#OneBeautifulThought’ hashtag encouraging women to share positive thoughts on social media.

Check out the ad below.

[via Fast Company, video via Dove France]