17 March 2015

For Marvel Fans: An Awesome Avengers-Themed Home

You’ve seen the Batman-inspired hotel room last month—now check out this awesome Avengers-themed home in Singapore.

Conceptualized by Absolook Interior Design, the living room features a giant SHIELD emblem which serves as a decorative backdrop to the television.

In the living room, the Avengers’ ‘A’ symbol doubles as a hidden storage unit and the walls are decorated with wallpaper of the superhero team.

The bedroom is designed after Iron Man, with the colors gold and red being used liberally. There is even a portrait of him hanging just above the bed.

And lastly, the Hulk runs the kitchen—it comes with green cabinets and a portrait of him busting through the walls.

Would you like to have a home like this?

[via Absolook Interior Design]