27 March 2015

Funny, ‘Emotional’ Font Made By Painting Helvetica Letters On Faces

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French art director and illustrator Beatrix Gevigney has recently started a creative project that had her painting each letter of the alphabet in the Helvetica font on the faces of her models, creating a new “emotional” typeface based on their different facial expressions.

For her ‘Human Type’ project, each of her models’ painted faces cleverly represented an emotion—for instance, the letter ‘J’ brilliantly captures a grinning face, while the letter ‘M’ seems to depict a sinister, mocking face.

Gevigney wrote that her project was inspired by a Victor Hugo quote, “The form is the content that rises to the surface.”

Take a look at her “emotional” fonts below.

[via Fubiz, images via Beatrix Gevigney]