27 March 2015

‘Wall Street Journal’ Calls Out Thief Who Stole Reader’s Copy For 10 Years

Image by Marty Schiffenbauer via Berkeleyside

After finding out that a loyal reader had his morning copy of The Wall Street Journal stolen by a thief every day for the past 10 years, the venerable publication decided to put the culprit in his place.

Berkeley, California-based photographer Richard Nagler had written a polite letter to the thief offering to lend him the paper every day, as long as he returned it that morning after reading.

Together with communications agency The&Partnership, the newspaper decided to “reward” both readers for their loyalty. They left a note from Editor in Chief Gerard Baker on Nagler’s fence stating that the paper would be giving him a free iPad and digital subscription.

As for the thief, they posted a letter saying that there was an “easier and legal” way to get his morning read through a special subscription offer at http://ift.tt/1ICg1kR.

At US$12 for 12 weeks, it’s “the same great offer everyone gets”, but comes with a special personalized URL.

Check out The Wall Street Journal’s letters below. What do you think of its response?

To our subscriber Richard and the gentleman who took his @WSJ so many times over the years: http://t.co/31P1flheJE http://ift.tt/1BnPGSD

— Gerard Baker (@gerardtbaker) March 25, 2015

Image via Gerard Baker

[via Creativity Online and Berkeleyside, images by Marty Schiffenbauer via Berkeleyside and via Gerard Baker]