4 March 2015

Gentle Giant: 175-Pound Pit Bull May Be Biggest In The World, Is Great With Kids

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Pit bulls certainly have a bad reputation—so much so that they are actually a banned breed in the UK.

Despite this, Marlon and Lisa Grennan—owners of Dark Dynasty K9, where they breed and train protection and police dogs—trust Hulk, their 175-pound pit bull, to play with their three-year-old son, Jordan.

Barcroft TV recently produced a short documentary on the Grennans’ lives with Hulk, shedding light not only on the gentle behavior of this particular pit bull that may be the biggest in the world, but also on his breed in general—according to Lisa, they are just like any other dogs, and in fact, make for great family pets.

Find out more about Hulk and his fellow pit bulls in the video below—you can also find more images of him on the Grennan’s 150-acre range in New Hampshire over here.

If you thought pit bulls to be scary, does this change your mind about them?

[via Neatorama]