5 March 2015

Handmade Necklaces Lets You Decorate Your Neck With ‘Adventure Time’ Charact

Cake and Fionna necklace

Adventure Time fans, you can now showcase your favorite animated television show characters in your outfits with these handmade necklaces by Doppledew.

Choose from a collection of striking ones like the ‘Cake and Fionna necklace’, or play it down with the ‘Lord Monochromicorn necklace’.

These pendants are hand drawn with permanent acrylic inks on a shrink film, and attached to a gold chain.

Hop on over here to purchase the necklaces.

Jake necklace

Lady Rainicorn necklace

Lord Monochromicorn necklace

Jake and Lady Rainicorn heart necklace

[via Fashionably Geek, images via Doppledew]