4 March 2015

Imaginative Scenes Of Miniature People’s Everyday Lives Found On The Streets

We are no stranger to the miniature worlds of Slinkachu, whose work will now be featured at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge, London.

In a solo show titled Minaturesque, the street artist will showcase 17 images of his famous work on paper and aluminium, along with other new sculptural pieces.

Slinkachu's work is peculiar and humorous, forcing observers to pay close attention as he transforms the often over-looked corners of the street into new worlds, like his recent work where a matchstick becomes a swing and children play in a pool made from a melting popsicle.

Scroll down to view Slinkachu's new works. You can also see his past works here and here.

The Stream

The Stream

Born Free

The Jetty

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting

The Glade

[via The Creators Project]