4 March 2015

Man Sends Pillow Business Card, Medical Prescription Résumé To Apply For Jobs

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If you were to apply for a job in the advertising industry, how would your job application look like?

Creative Martin Nørgaard Furze’s job application is a clever play on the long working hours and tough job nature that the industry is known for.

He created an alias—called ‘No Sleep’—an art director who never sleeps and is always on the lookout for big ideas. His whole job application package included a résumé in the guise of a doctor’s prescription, ‘No Sleep’ pills to keep agency creatives awake, and a pillow that served the purpose of a business card with professional details printed on it.

Furze then sent the entire bundle in a box through a ‘doctor’ who hand-delivered them on agency ‘house calls’.

Find out if his creativity paid off in the video below:

[via Adeevee, images via No Sleep]