25 March 2015

Rocking Chair Looks Like An Alien Egg, Is Only Possible With 3D-Printing

Designed by Alvin Huang and his colleagues at Synthesis Design + Architecture, the Durotaxis Chair is a response to the challenge issued by 3D-printer manufacturer Stratasys to create something that would be “ridiculously cost-prohibitive to manufacture without using 3-D printing”.

The egg-shaped rocking chair looks futuristic and even alien—upon closer examination, one would find that it is not made of a solid material, but consists of an intricate lattice that has an eye-catching color gradient, which shifts from white to sea green to blue.

To be used both in an upright position and when it is laid down on its back, this 3D-printed piece of furniture is thicker and harder where it has to be, while being thinner and softer in other areas—this aspect of its design makes it practically impossible to produce without a 3D-printer.

The Durotaxis is also interesting as it is specially designed to be made with a 3D-printer, instead of a mere recreation that could be produced better with more conventional methods.

Read more about this innovative chair here.

[via Fast Co. Design]