14 March 2015

Shopping Bags That Can Be Reused To Ship Clothing To Your Chosen Charity

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In Stockholm, Sweden, fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated partnered with DDB Stockholm to create Rag Bags, biodegradeable shopping bags that can be reused to mail a clothing item to charity.

Each Rag Bag can be turned inside out, transforming itself into a slick pouch with labeled addresses of your chosen charity, complete with postage details.

This allows people to easily ship off their unwanted clothing instead of discarding them too quickly.

Rag Bags was initially a pilot project with only a thousand bags as trial (all of which have been completely distributed to consumers free of charge), but thousands of companies have already indicated their interest in the bags, with an upcoming 600,000 more bags to be produced.

The idea has also won at the Epica Awards, three nominations at Cannes Lions, as well as a large amount of media coverage.

Watch the Rag Bag case study below:

As well as the introduction to Rag Bag:

[via Adweek]