6 March 2015

Sleek Physical Counter Lets Businesses Show Off Their Facebook ‘Likes’

Businesses can now display their social media following with this counter device. The Fbox visualizes Facebook likes in real time and can be placed in visible locations like in the shop window or reception area.

The device takes a few minutes to set up before it can display live feedback about the company's social media following. The counter also serves to provide a free Wi-Fi service that encourages more interaction between business and customers. A free companion mobile app can deliver offers to users as onscreen messages, which will prompt customers to connect with Facebook and become fans of the shop.

Made of two thick panels of durable Canadian Red Cedar and a blue LED digital counter featuring an illuminated Facebook thumb up logo, this counter is simple and sleek. A Wi-Fi router located between the wooden panels accesses the internet and updates the counter.

Head over to their Indiegogo campaign for more details.

[via PSFK, Images via Fbox]