25 March 2015

Taco Bell Takes Aim At McDonald’s With A Dystopian, Propaganda-Fueled Ad

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After poking fun at McDonald’s with a bunch of Ronald McDonalds, Taco Bell’s latest attack on the Golden Arches takes a sinister turn with a dystopian, propaganda-fueled ad.

In a dig at the fast food chain’s breakfast offerings, the ad portrays Ronald McDonald as a clown-like tyrant who controls the oppressed masses by doling out mediocre Egg McMuffins every morning.

Two rebels break free from their prison and escape to a quaint town where everyone feasts on Taco Bell wraps.

Conceived by Deutsch, the surreal three-minute spot is the highlight of Taco Bell’s new ‘Routine Republic’ campaign.

It’s the second dystopia-themed ad in recent weeks, after Dulux’s futuristic spot that imagines a world without color.

Watch the ad below. Your turn, McDonald’s.

[via Adweek, video via Taco Bell]