25 March 2015

You Can Now Text Hugs To Loved Ones That They Can Actually Feel

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Brothers and former Google employees, Petter and Kaspar Prinz observed that the most used "word" in text messages in 2014 is actually the heart emoji.

Their interactive app ‘HUG’ sends hugs to loved ones from a distance, turning the heart emoji into a tangible experience. The proximity sensor of your phone picks up the length of the “hug” and sends it to a recipient's phone as a vibration of equal length.

Although the app doesn't make your phone sprout arms to wrap around your loved one, it goes beyond the usual emoji or text. The longer you leave the phone next to your heart, the longer the hug lasts. There are different types of hugs to be sent, ranging from a long one for a sad or anxious spouse to a quick group hug for all your friends when you're not at a party.

Considering that physical touch from a loved one can not only make you feel more loved but also better your health and immune system, the potential of the app's long distance touch is intriguing and may only be more obvious in the future.

‘HUG’ is currently available for free at the Apple Store. Visit their website for more information.

[via PSFK, HUG]