24 March 2015

This Camera Turns Your Cat Into Photographers, Lets Them Post Instagram Photos

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Ever wished your cat could update its life through social media by itself?

That might soon be a reality.

Cat food brand Whiskas is apparently developing a camera that’s just for your cat, called the ‘Catstacam’.

The wearable collar camera is motion-activated and will automatically capture six shots every minute, which will be shared on an Instagram account that you set up for your cat when it comes within range of a WiFi network.

The ‘Catstacam’ also comes in a packaging that doubles up as a fun toy for your feline friend.

Prototypes of the ‘Catstacam’ are reportedly currently given out to cats owned by celebrities.

While there’s no word on its launch or if it will be mass released to consumers, this wearable technology might be a profitable product if it isn’t an April’s Fool gimmick.

Meanwhile, here’s to hoping that this is indeed for real. You can check out some sample images that are taken by tester cats here.

[via PetaPixel, images via Whiskas AU]