3 March 2015

Thought-Provoking Photo Series Captures Male Entitlement Faced By Women

Pittsburgh-based photographer Allaire Bartel’s series ‘Boundaries’ captures what it’s like to experience male entitlement from a female perspective.

Speaking to PetaPixel, Bartel said she was inspired to create her series after attending a mentoring program with the theme “boundaries.”

According to the photographer, she wanted to show how oppression of women is present in daily life, and not just confined to more outright incidents like rape or abuse.

Her images feature a young female professional in situations where her privacy and modesty is intruded upon by male hands and arms.

The model’s vacant expression in each scenario alludes to “how conditioned we as women have become to accept this atmosphere as excusable and even normal.”

Scroll down for more photographs from Bartel’s project.

[via PetaPixel, images via Allaire Bartel]