4 March 2015

Womb-Like ‘Pods’ Let You Meditate In Water, Help To Boost Creativity

These ‘Flotation Pods’, also known as restricted environmental stimulation technique (REST) and isolation tank therapy, are inspired by a practice from the 1950s, now used as a form of modern day meditation.

These pods are becoming increasingly popular on the West Coast of the U.S., and have been known to help increase creativity, alleviate body aches, and reduce depression and anxiety.

To meditate in these pods, users just have to lie in a tank of water that contains a high concentrate of Epsom salt, adjusted to the same temperature as your body.

Readers who are residing in New York City can unwind in an hour-long session at the Vibrant Sea Hydrotherapy Spa, which cost US$90 per session.

Head over here to read more about the benefits of the Flotation Pods.

[via Elite Daily, Mashable, images via Dr. Space]