27 February 2015

Heartwarming Documentary Shows How YouTube Reunited Two Long Lost Twin Sisters

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For these two girls, a video on YouTube was the serendipitous catalyst that helped them find each other.

French fashion student Anaïs Bordier was told by a friend that she looked exactly like Los Angeles actress, Samantha Futerman. She found Futerman's video depicting her experiences as an adopted child and after finding more similarities about their background, she decided to send a message to Futerman on Facebook.

The documentary, Twinsters, directed by Futerman and Ryan Miyamoto, follows the story of months of correspondence, how the two girls met in London to take a DNA test, which confirmed their relationship, and their experiences of getting to know the twin sister that they did not know they have.

Both sisters felt that their process of finding one another was unique, and decided to write a Facebook story as well as go on to successfully fund their documentary through Kickstarter.

The heartwarming film premieres at the South by Southwest film festival next month. Watch the trailer below.

[via GOOD Magazine, Images via Twinsters]