26 February 2015

Ridiculous Giant ‘Hula Hoop’ Gives You More Space In Crowded Cities

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To promote UK-based nonprofit National Trust’s vast park spaces, designer Jack Beveridge has created a giant “hula hoop” that helps city dwellers experience the joy of having extra personal space in a crowded environment.

Titled ‘More Space’, Beveridge’s conceptual project consists of walking across the sidewalks of London with the hula hoop, allowing curious onlookers to enjoy a taste of personal space with the huge “circle”.

According to Beveridge, his award-winning project was rather well-received: “They all wanted to stay in as long as they could. We had all these kids following us tapping us on the shoulders to see if they could get in.”

Watch the video below to see how people reacted to the giant hula hoop.

[via Fast Co. Exist, images via Jack Beveridge]