26 February 2015

How The Incredibly Detailed Sets In ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Were Created

One of the best parts of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which did very well at the recent Oscars, would have to be the amazingly detailed and meticulously crafted sets featured in the film.

The Creators Project interviewed Simone de Salvatore, the matte painter and concept designer behind the gorgeous sets in the movie—while they do look realistic, these sets are actually digital paintings that do not exist in real life.

According to de Salvatore, the quickest set that he created for the film took a day or two, while the most time-consuming one is the reconstruction of the hotel in the 1960s, which he completed in around three weeks.

To find out more about the his process and experience while he was working on The Grand Budapest Hotel, read the full interview here.

[via The Creators Project, images via Simone de Salvatore]