25 February 2015

Photographs Of Women Covered In Glitter Highlight Unrealistic Beauty Standards

19-year-old photography student Hannah Altman has started a photography project to show the unrealistic beauty standards women are held to.

Altman, who attends Point Park University in Pittsburgh, told BuzzFeed that her series is “an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty.”

Titled ‘And Everything Nice’, it features women and their bodily fluids, such as blood, sweat and tears, replaced with glitter.

According to Altman, the striking images highlight how women feel the need to remain attractive regardless of the situation they are in.

The juxtaposition of the glitter and the models’ unaffected behavior in otherwise normal scenarios is jarring, and questions society's beauty standards for women.

“By creating set-ups that would normally be considered grotesque would it not be for the glitter, the sparkle stands out because it is the only facet of the photo that is abnormal,” said Altman. She added that they point to how “women have been conditioned to go to any length in order to keep up an attractive appearance.”

View some pictures from her project below.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Hannah Altman]