27 February 2015

Incredible 3D-Printed Snacks That Grow Their Own Fillings Of Mushrooms, Sprouts

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When you think of 3D-printed food, unappetising, and possibly unhealthy, snacks that are made of gooey paste may come to mind—with her project titled “Edible Growth”, food and concept designer Chloé Rutzerveld wants to change that.

Using a special 3D-printer that is created by research organization TNO, she is able to make a pastry shell out of either insect flour or ordinary “pizza crust” dough—this shell would then be filled with an edible agar center that contains seeds, mushroom spores and yeast.

Over the next few days, this incredible pastry would literally grow its own fillings as the plants and fungi mature—this mean that as it does not use processed, relatively tasteless ingredients, this 3D-printed snack is fresh, delicious and nutritious.

Watch the video below, or head over to the project’s webpage, to learn more about this amazing little pie that grows its own fillings.

Would you dare to eat one of these?

[via CNET]