25 February 2015

Pet Owner Creates Adorable Handmade Cosplay Costumes For Her Guinea Pigs

This adorable guinea pig family may be the cutest cosplaying pets, which belongs to proud owner Ayu from Japan.

Meet Kintoki, his female mate Chikuwa, and their lovely daughter Menma, who are the furry, photogenic cosplaying “models” seen in the photos that Ayu uploads onto her Twitter account.

Ayu hand-makes these miniature costumes, along with matching backdrops and props for her photoshoots—she has turned them into characters like Luffy from One Piece, and Chun Li from the popular Street Fighter video game.

Head over here for more photos of the adorable guinea pigs.

#モルモット #ONE PIECE #コスプレ http://ift.tt/17xCXVc

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) February 3, 2015

寒い日はハッピーゴーラッキーさん(@happygolucky07 )の寝袋でヌクヌクだおʢ்ꇵ்͒ʡ http://ift.tt/1BrWWlU

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) January 21, 2015

@rinatamago07 ありがとうございますー!良かったらちくわバージョンモルモットどうぞwww http://ift.tt/17xD0QG

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) December 28, 2014

#13日の金曜日 #モルモット #コスプレ http://ift.tt/1BrWWCh

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) February 13, 2015

#モルモット #コスプレ http://ift.tt/1BrWWCo

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) December 28, 2014

#モルモット http://ift.tt/1BrWWSH

— モルモットのちくわきんとき (@chikuwa_kintoki) December 24, 2014

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