26 February 2015

This Funny Supercut Shows How Graphic Designers Are Portrayed On-Screen

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Created by graphic design students Ellen Mercer and Lucy Streule, ‘FYI I’m A Graphic Designer’ is a humorous look at how the profession is portrayed in movies and television shows.

Stitching together clips from the entertainment lexicon, the two-minute supercut shows graphic designers being mocked and ridiculed—the funniest zinger has to be Peep Show’s David Mitchell's sarcastic “Hello, can I redesign your logo? Yes that will be £100,000 for a squiggle”, to a graphic designer whom he discovers is dating his crush.

Whether having their work dismissed as trivial or being met with ignorance when asked about their job, there’s no hiding the fact that graphic designers just aren’t held in high regard on-screen.

Check out the video below. Graphic designers, can you relate to it?

[via Fast Company and Waxy, video via Ellen Mercer]