26 February 2015

Awesome, Inspiring Résumés Show How Good Design Would Get You Hired

Image via Amber Van Miegham

Freelance writer and graphic designer Janie Kliever recently published an article on Canva Design School that showcases 50 awesome résumés, and the things that you can learn from them.

Stating that your CV “may be the most important projects you ever design”, she dishes out a long list of very useful design tips that you can apply to make your own résumé more outstanding.

The featured résumés are diverse in style—from the minimalist to the playful and quirky—so it would be easy to find one that you can reference for the specific look you want or the particular position you are applying for.

From safe options like “keeping it clean” to more adventurous ones like using infographics and shapes other than the conventional rectangle when presenting your paper CV, this article is a trove of gorgeous examples and handy advice that show how good design would get you hired.

Read the entire article here.

Image via Franklin Schamhart

Image via Louis Omari

Image via Julien Renvoye

Image via João Andrade

Image via Syril Bobadilla

[via Canva Design School]