26 February 2015

‘Foodie Dice’ Encourages You To Cook Creatively, Lets You Play With Food

The team behind “Foodie Dice” wants to make sure that you will never get stuck about what to make for dinner.

According to them, while “recipes have their place, they can be restrictive and intimidating”—which is why Food Dice encourages you to break the confines of traditional recipes and have fun playing with your food.

Designed to provide “inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals”, this quirky kitchen accessory comes up with over 186,000 possible meal combinations—the set includes five primary dice and four seasonal vegetable dice.

There is also an option to add on a booster set with three extra dice that feature spice, wild card ingredients and dessert.

You can purchase the Foodie Dice, together with the Mixology Dice for concocting delicious cocktails, here.

Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes look of how these compelling images were made.

[via Trendland, images via Foodie Dice]