26 February 2015

Awesome, Interactive Map Brings You On A Thrilling Journey Through Middle Earth

We have previously featured an amusing “Google Map” that shows you the way to Mordor, but it lacks dynamic graphic elements that could make the journey even more epic.

With this new map, you now enjoy a breath-taking journey through Middle Earth, complete with awesome 3D animations and sound.

Created by Warner Brothers, Google, and North Kingdom, ‘A Journey Through Middle Earth’ is an interactive map that takes users on exciting adventures to 21 different locations as featured in the Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit trilogies.

Users can also choose to “join a battle” or retrace the footsteps of their favorites heroes, such as Frodo and Gandalf, as they embark on their iconic journeys through Middle Earth.

Hop over here to explore Middle Earth for yourself.

[via Creative Bloq]