26 February 2015

Graphic Designer Transforms His Children’s Doodles Into Minimalist Tattoos

After our recent feature on Keith Anderson’s awesome arm tattoos that were inspired by his son’s drawings, it seems like this could turn out to be a growing trend among creatives.

Graphic designer Damien Aresta from Liège, Belgium, also sports unique line tattoos of his children’s animal doodles on his arms and torso.

It started with a “rhino” tattoo, which was based on a drawing made by his then four-year-old son, Leon. Soon after, Aresta began featuring other minimalist tattoos of animals drawn by Leon and his five-year-old daughter, Vega.

What are your thoughts on this tattoo trend?

Head here to read the full interview about Aresta’s unique tattoos.

[via Golem13, images by David Widart]