27 February 2015

Celebrities’ Awesome Replies To Nasty Tweets From Internet Trolls

James Blunt

Internet trolling has been getting quite a bit of coverage in recent years for the emotional damage it does to its victims—when it comes to receiving nasty online comments, celebrities probably get much more than their fair share simply due to their media visibility.

While it may be wise to just ignore trolls in order to deprive them of the attention that they seek, some celebrities have managed to make brilliant replies to their hurtful words that effectively put them in their place.

Website College Humor has put together a collection of such celebrity replies on Twitter that show how it is possible to confront trolls with wit and humor, and not stoop to their level.

Head over here to read the whole collection.

Hugh Hefner

Gabourey Sidebe

J.K. Rowling

[via College Humor]