27 February 2015

Stunning Portraits Of The ‘World’s Hardest-Working Dogs’

You’ve seen the cute corgis and poodles featured in awww-inducing photo shoots. But there’s a category of dogs that deserves just as much limelight, yet often neglected—the working dogs.

Photographer Andrew Fladeboe told Slate, “They represent the most noble of animals, a gift from the gods that has evolved with us and helped us develop as a species.”

He decided to feature these canines—serving as shepherds, guides and assistants in different fields—in magnificent portraits for his project, titled ‘The Shepherd’s Realm’.

Juxtaposing their brilliance against the majestic backdrops of Scotland, New Zealand and Norway, the images show the dogs in the middle of their jobs, taking a breather or just having fun.

He said, “I try to take a post-humanistic approach to the dogs I photograph. I try to represent them as individuals, in the most noble way possible to give justice to their existence. It is art for animals’ sake.”

Check out the awesome shots below and more over here.

[via Bored Panda, images via Andrew Fladeboe]