27 February 2015

Incredibly Life-Like Chairs Shaped Like A Hippopotamus, Other Majestic Animals

If you are decorating your home or office in a safari-inspired theme, Maximo Riera has designed a series of incredibly life-like animal chairs, which are the perfect fit for your furniture collection.

The chairs pay homage to animals and creatures—like the hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and octopus—retaining their natural appearances by closely replicating its distinctive skin patterns.

The hippopotamus chair was impressively tailored to mimic the size of a real adult male hippo, standing at the height of 140cm, with half of it’s body for the seats and an unobstructed realistic view of the animal on the other side.

Head over here to see more designs of these life-like animal chairs.

[via LuxuryLaunches, Maximo Riera]