25 February 2015

This Japanese Company Lets Nine Cats Roam About Freely As Employees Work

If working in an office filled with cats sounds like a dream, then you might want to apply for a job at IT company Ferray Corporation.

Nine rescue cats are free to roam in the Japanese firm as its employees work. A Twitter account was even set up to chronicle the cats’ adventures.

While the felines do get up to the usual mischief like chewing on cables, sleeping on meeting tables and exploring clients’ bags, these aren’t major annoyances as the kitties lower the employees’ stress levels and become a common conversation topic amongst the staff.

The company even gives out ¥5,000 (approximately US$42) per month to any employee who adopts a cat. Also, individuals at the company are encouraged to bring their pets to office daily.

Would you want to work in a company like this?

Scroll down for some photos and check out more antics from the felines here.

[via RocketNews24, images via V and Ume]