26 February 2015

A Suspended Green Pathway That Connects Two Office Buildings

Polish architecture firm Zalewski Architecture has envisioned a concept for a suspended pathway that connects two office buildings.

Suspended over a courtyard, the meandering walk-on balcony invites office workers to take a step outside to clear their heads.

“There are ideas that arise from the need of a particular moment. Such a need – another hot day of summer spent in the office and a thought ‘if only I could go for a walk’ – became inspiration for a project of a path suspended in the air, a balcony walk-on. It is also one of the ideas to change a sad courtyard, that we overlook every day out of the office windows on the 3rd floor, to give the courtyard a bit of magic,” said the firm.

“A normal path is tortuous, winds, does not lead directly to the goal, surprises, relaxes, gives contact with nature. Therefore our path should also flow freely in space – giving you a moment of relaxation, rest, allowing you to change the perspective. This influenced its shape – it winds freely and intertwines with itself – it allows for a relaxing walk ‘from office to office’. Longing for a bit of greenery made us treat the path as a large pot. We filled it with grass that can grow as it wants – after all it’s just a path.”

[via The Contemporist and Inhabitat]