9 February 2015

A Customizable Smartphone That Is Designed To Last For 10 Years

The fact that every new iPhone release receives such massive amount of attention may seems to show that people want to change their mobile phones often—or do they only do that because they have no other option of upgrading their devices?

Opting for a new phone every 18 months or so is not the most sustainable or environmentally friendly way to operate—and this is why Finland-based company Circular Devices is developing the “Puzzlephone”, which is designed to last for 10 years.

This Android device is a modular piece of technology that is made up of three main parts—a “brain” with the main electronics, a “heart” that is the battery pack and a “spine” consisting of a LCD screen.

Users would have the options to swap parts instead of abandoning the whole device when they want to change anything about it, which would considerably reduce their environmental footprint.

The Puzzlephone is set to launch as early as at the end of next year—you can read more about it here.

Would you like to have a phone that would last for a decade, or would you prefer to get a brand new device every year or so?

[via Fast Co. Design]