2 February 2015

A Simple Trick To Make Your Instant Coffee More Flavorful And Aromatic

This one simple trick shared by writer Sweets-holic of Pouch would help turn your blend instant coffee into an aromatic cup of joe.

The trick originated from her coffee-loving father, requires only an additional step of melting the coffee granules in one teaspoon of cold water first, before adding in hot water to the rest of the beverage.

It turns out that there is a scientific explanation behind the trick as told by NHK program Tameshite Gatten—“adding hot water directly to instant coffee granules causes the amylum contained within them to harden, giving off a “powdery” flavor”, while the cold water helps the granules to dissolve more gently, creating a flavorful beverage.

Do you have other tricks that you would use to enhance the flavor of your instant coffee?

[via RocketNews 24, Pouch]