17 February 2015

A Smart T-Shirt That Identifies Like-Minded People Who Are Near You

The latest joint project from MIT's Tangible Media Group and Interface Group attempt to answer the question, "how can tech make social media more tangible?".

Realising how our updates on Twitter or Facebook can reach and impact thousands every day, the designers of Social Textiles want to try combining what we wear with the way we represent ourselves on social media, to "create social catalysts".

Social Textiles takes the form of a T-shirt, with a thin circuit membrane and a thermochromatic inked pattern is printed on its front. The shirt uses data from your smartphone via Bluetooth to detect other people in a close proximity with similar interests and alerts you when you are within 12 feet of each other.

The possibilities are endless, depending on the ink pattern designed. The shirt can tell if both people liked the same music, went to the same schools or if they are compatible on OKCupid.

Read more about the project here.

[via Fast Company]