10 February 2015

A Tumblr Blog Featuring The Photoshop Version Of Your Dreams

“I was running in a field of flames, chased by flying octopus. I was really scared and my only weapon was fireworks.” – Margaux

Ever wondered how your dreams would look like if they were recreated with fun emojis and wacky characters?

Just started last month, ‘Photoshop Your Dreams’ is a Tumblr blog that helps you do just that.

Individuals can submit descriptions of their dreams to the blog, which will then be remade through Photoshop, resulting in entertaining and silly visuals.

Scroll down to look at some examples and head on over here to view more or send your own submissions.

“I dreamt I passed my driving license on tricycle.” – Gabrielle

“I was in California or Florida (there were palm-trees) and there was a storm outside. I was a shark and I looked through a window. It was raining cotton swabs and people were trying to protect their heads.” – Sari

“I was at the police station, with my mum and a cop. The cop left for a moment, so my mum gave me some cocaine and weed and told me, “Protect your brother”. I left the police station, but I had to cross a river full of burgers. I went inside very slowly even if I tried to be fast.” – Clémence

[via Photoshop Your Dreams]