4 February 2015

A Weighted Blanket With ‘Limbs’ Designed To ‘Hug’ You In Times Of Grief

For those grieving the loss of a loved one, this weighted blanket creates the sensation of being hugged.

The idea came to American artist and designer Mia Cinelli after the death of her fiance's father, who was fond of expressing his love physically in the form of bear hugs. The Weight is a hand-quilted fleece blanket that weighs six pounds, with arms and hands on both sides for users to wrap around their bodies (like a hug from behind) or entwine with their fingers.

Weighted blankets are already traditionally used in occupational therapy—the feeling of pressure on the body is known to help people relax.

Cinelli admits that her product might be unsettling for some, but knew that she needed it first for her own grieving. She is still contemplating its future, while it currently remains a prototype on exhibition. You can view the project here.

[via Dezeen]