4 February 2015

Adorable Illustrations Show Famous Pop Culture Characters Surrounded By Mobs

Los Angeles-based illustrator Tuck Torrence will be showcasing his first solo exhibit of his really adorable pop culture characters, in the show titled ‘Mass Hysteria!’.

Torrence was first inspired to do large, crowd-based pieces in his earlier works in Gallery1988’s group show, he wanted to challenge himself by seeing how far he could create pieces with iconic movie characters and pop culture icons surrounded by a mob of related characters.

He first starts off by listing down “movies, television shows, and music videos that he really like and whittled it down to the ones that could fit within the theme’s criteria”. Torrence added that, “I just wanted to draw a really cute, squeezable Kurt Russell”.

The show will open on 6 February through 28 February at Gallery1988 East, Los Angeles.

You can also find more of his works on his Instagram account.

[via Boing Boing, Tuck Torrence]