25 February 2015

Amazingly Detailed LEGO Recreation of An In-N-Out Burger Outlet

Check out this amazingly accurate LEGO recreation of an In-N-Out outlet. The creator, Jon Furman, first thought of building the fast food chain LEGO replica when he came back from a trip to L.A. and brought back the In-N-Out hat as a souvenir for his office.

The Pacific Northwest native then embarked on this project once he saw LEGO Mini-figures with a fast food hat, and knew he could "staff" his creation.

Furman modeled his replica after the In-N-Out outlets he grew up with as well as other locations throughout California. From the looks of the impressive model, he spared no details, ensuring that small things like the deep fryer and the smiling employees were present.

The model is made purely out of stock LEGO pieces, except for the In-N-Out signage. It also took three years to complete as he took time to get his hand on the right LEGO pieces that are required.

View the project in its entirety here.

[via BuzzFeed]