23 February 2015

Apple’s Latest Oscars Ad Is A Tribute To Creativity

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“You can’t do your work according to people’s values. I’m not talking about ‘following your dream’ either. I never like the inspirational value of that phrase. Dreaming is a way of trivializing the process, the obsession that carries you through the failure, as well as the successes, which could be harder to get through.”

“If you’re dreaming, you’re sleeping. It’s important and imperative to always be awake to your feelings, your possibilities, your ambitions. But you also know this, for your work, for your passions, every day is a rededication.”

In a primetime Oscars spot, Apple released a new ad produced entirely on the iPad Air 2.

Featuring director Martin Scorsese’s voiceover on creativity, the inspirational snippets are from his address to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2014.

The commercial complemented the narration through its visuals of 15 students from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts undertaking the challenge of making a film with an iPad.

Check out the ad below and learn more about it here.

[via Mashable, images via Apple]