3 February 2015

Artist Turns Finger Smudged Smartphone Screens Into Art

We handle our digital devices on a daily basis, from scrolling through our news feeds, replying a text message or taking a photo. Drawing from this daily interaction, artist Arslan Sukan zooms in on what our physical touch leaves behind—our fingerprints, cracks and dust.

His series titled While you were surfing, explores how our screens link our real and virtual lives. Sukan scans and enlarges iPhone screens that are filled with finger swipes, which at first glance appear like otherwordly abstract landscapes. Taking care not to ruin the surfaces, he works on metallic paper that reflects his surroundings.

Through his series, Sukan questions the real interaction between humans and our devices, specifically whether our daily interactions with our personal devices are any less "complete or immediate" since it is mediated through a screen.

Sukan's series is currently exhibiting at the Five Eleven gallery in New York, till 7 February 2015.

[via The Creators Project]