23 February 2015

Awesome Machine Lets You Make A Pancake With Your Face ‘Printed’ On It

Now you can serve up fantastic pancakes that has your image printed on it for breakfast.

UK design firm Kinneir Dufort has created a 3D printing-like prototype machine—that combines CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology and face recognition—which will dispense pancake batter to form the image of your face.

The pancake batter is applied layer by layer to achieve the different tones that makes up the facial features seen on the pancakes—with the darkest areas deposited first, followed by four other different shades to the lightest areas, explained Senior Electronic Designer James Torbett.

The entire process of producing the pancake takes less than five minutes, making the process fun and convenient.

Head over here to find out more.

[via Foodiggity, Kinneir Dufort]