24 February 2015

Blog Documents The Very Similar Instagram Photos By Readers Of ‘Kinfolk’

Design blogger Summer Allen observed a rather disconcerting phenomenon on Instagram amongst readers of "slow lifestyle" magazine Kinfolk.

The Portland, Oregon-based magazine which started in 2011 is known for its minimalist aesthetic with an emphasis on food, community and beauty.

Allen's project titled The Kinspiracy documents this phenomenon by curating similar photosets by Instagram users. The sets of four photos are juxtaposed side by side, and though they are taken by different Instagram users, a strange pattern emerges–photos of hanging plants, beautifully styled lattes, American flags and wooden table tops.

The Kinspiracy is playful and visually pleasing. Head over to the website to enjoy these images.

Instagram: mamawatters

Instagram: lovetourism

Instagram: chew.this

Instagram: nobi_subtlestyle

Instagram: jov.ie

[via The Kinspiracy]